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Table of Contents [Vol. 6, No.3, May 2016]

Madan Kumaraswamy, R. Ramaswamy
Doi : 10.7321/jscse.v6.n3.1
Page : 28 - 36
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Abstract . Software project management problems are highly complex, multi-dimensional, and not always objective in nature. Performance evaluation of software projects is a multi-criteria decision. This research paper highlights the applicability of a multi criteria decision making approach to understand software project management decision problems. A multi criteria decision model based approach to decision making helps project managers to identify significant decision criteria that transmits maximum information to influence the decision, criteria that have the highest conflicting information, rank the projects on their performance basis the correlated project criteria. A field study on performance evaluation of software development projects based on three project criteria; project complexity, project team size, and actual effort to complete the project is used to illustrate the multi criteria project performance evaluation problem. The research paper corroborates the findings in literature that project complexity is the criteria that transmits larger information and therefore higher is its importance in project evaluation decision making. The project performance scores based on criteria weights is then used to rank the projects based on their relative performance on the correlated criteria.
Keyword : Multi-Criteria Decision Making ; Software Project Performance ; Complexity