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     Soft Computing and Software Engineering [JSCSE]

    ISSN:  2251-7545

    Prefix DOI  :  10.7321/jscse

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  •  The International Journal of 

    Soft Computing and Software Engineering [JSCSE]


Editorial Board 

International Journal of Soft Computing and Software Engineering (JSCSE)

ISSN: 2251-7545                  DOI:  10.7321/jscse


Editor-in-Chief:  Mehdi Bahrami

EECS Department, University of California, Merced,

Senior Member of IEEE

Email: MBahrami at UCMerced.edu

Software Architecture,

Cloud Computing Systems, Big Data

Grid Computing Systems,

Software Engineering,

Cloud, Grid and Network Software Architecture.


Dr. Y. Sun,

Address: EECS, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 


Washington State University,



Email: ysun at eecs.wsu.edu

Software Network Security,

Network Routing,

Software Systems for High-Performance VLSI, 

Computer architecture.

 Associate Editor

Dr. Diego Alberto Oliva Navarro, 


Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Email: doliva at estumail.ucm.es

Software Engineering,



Associate Editor

Mindi Yuan,

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign,


Cloud computing,

Wireless communications,

Network Architecture,

Assistant Editor

Dr. M. Beldjehem,

Ottawa University,


Email: mbeldjeh at uottawa.ca 

Software Engineering, 

Object-Oriented Systems,

Project Management.


Dr. Daniel Breaz,

University of Alba Iulia,


Email: dbreaz at uab.ro 

Soft Computing, 

Quality Management,

Rational Unified Processing.


Dr. N. L. Braha,

Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences,
University of Prishtina,


Software Engineering, 

Software Engineering Methods and Practices.


Dr. Brij Gupta,

University of New Brunswick,



Email: bbg810 at usask.ca

Software Maintenance and Evaluation,

Structured Analysis, Structuring (Large) OO Systems,

Systems Engineering, 

Test Driven Development, UML.


Dr. M. Nazir,

University of Oulu,


Network software Engineering,

Data modeling.


Dr. José Enrique Armendáriz-Íñigo,

University of Navarre,


Email: Enrique.Armendariz at unavarra.es 

Distributed Software Application,

Distributed Software Engineering,

Network Software Engineering.


Dr. Hongwei Wang,


University of Portsmouth,

United Kingdom

Email: Hongwei.Wang at port.ac.uk 

Product Analysis,  

Design and Sustainable Development, 

Collaborative Modeling and Simulation, 

Computational Design.    


Dr. Venkat Krishnan,

Iowa State University,


Email: vkrish at iastate.edu

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 

Statistical Applications in power systems,

Transportation System Modeling and Optimization.


Dr. T.C.Manjunath,

Visvesvaraya Technological University,


Control  System  Engineering, 

Robotics Software, Signals & systems, Digital Signal  Processing,

Digital Image Processing, Artificial & Swarm Intelligence,

Data Mining, Genetic Programming.


Dr. Tinggui Chen,

School of computer and information engineering,

Zhejiang Gongshang University,


Email: ctgsimon at mail.zjgsu.edu.cn

Complex Process Optimization, 

Swarm Intelligence,

Project Management, Disruption Management

Supply Chain Management.


Kai Pan,

University of North Carolina at Charlotte,


Email: kpan at uncc.edu

Software Engineering,

Software Testing,

Database Application.




 Journal Manager: M. R. Shekhiyani





Release Date 8/14/2014