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Table of Contents [Vol. 7, No.1, October 2017]

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Saifuldeen Abdulameer Mohammed
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Abstract . The communication security in the last four year became obsessed or nightmare for companies , countries and even individuals, joins them the needing a big speed messaging (high bits rate) because of the evolution in social networking , media ,IOT, visualizations and cloud computing ; so held conferences and workshops for researchers to pull new ideas can be applicable, fast implementation and need little (or no) synchronization, but the whole focus on data encryption or key exchange and there for Physical layer takes care of the little because they forget (companies and countries researchers) that the most important way to break the encryption is to collect data Through eavesdropping on the well-known physical layers, forms of electromagnetic waves and its protocols still using today. For fifth generation (5G), there is a proposed system it would integrate two systems DS-CDMA (multi-users) and OFDM (multi-carriers) it’s called MC-CDMA but through multiple antennas especially in the main base stations to the end users, recent researches have provided a new way for DS-CDMA using Constellation points transmitted by IFFT using several orthogonal codes, In this paper will provide a new technique Phase Shift Hopping and Code Hopping to enhancing the security more and more by very simple way, at the end we will see the Phase Shift Hopping Spread Spectrum (PSHSS)and Code Hopping Spreads Spectrum (CHSS) how its work perfectly without any big change in the system or in bit rate and bit error rate, all result have been tested by MATLAB R2014b using 8 users in the Code Division Multiplexing Access (CDMA).
Keyword : DS-JCDMA, High speed Bit rate, Phase Shift Hopping