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Table of Contents [Vol. 4, No.12, December 2014]

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Mounir ZEKKAOUI, Abdelhadi FENNAN
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Abstract . An artifact is a general term for any kind of created information, produced, modified or used by developers in the implementation of software systems. Among these artifacts include the source code, analysis and design models, unit testing, XML deployment descriptors, user guides, and properties files. We consider an application is described by a together heterogeneous and distributed software artifacts. All artifacts can evolve over time (artifacts can be removed others can be added). Each artifact may change over time. This may be a source of degradation in functional, qualitative, or behavioral terms of modified software. Hence the need for a unified approach for extraction and representation of different heterogeneous artifacts in order to ensure a unified and detailed description of heterogeneous software artifacts, exploitable by several software tools and enabling responsible for the evolution of carry out the reasoning change concerned..
Keyword : Heterogeneous software artifacts ; Software evolution control ; Unified approach ; Meta-model ; Software architecture