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Table of Contents [Vol. 5, No.5, May]

Carol Niznik
Doi : 10.7321/jscse.v5.n5.1
Page : 85 - 91
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Abstract . Computer Worms known as malicious codes are defined as programs that replicate without infecting other programs and some Worms spread by copying themselves from disk to disk or computer to computer across a network, while others replicate in memory to slow the computer. There are five components of a Worm and the individual Worm nodes can be linked in a communication network to build a larger Worm network with five topologies. The five Worm network topologies are: Hierarchical Tree, Centrally Connected, Shockwave Rider-Type, Hierarchical Tree with Several Layers of Authority and Many Centralized Nodes,and Full Mesh. The Optimal Anti-Worm Detection Defense Software(OAWDDS)Protocol realizes three optimization constraints from the mathematical formalization of a Worm: five components, five topologies, and five structures. The computer networking Queueing System Modeling of the exponential Worm growth characteristics with GI/G/1, M/M/1,and E2/M/1 Queueing Parameters within the three constraints and formed computer network congestion control between possible Worm Hosts and Worm Nodes will ensure 100% elimination of Worm Network protection. The analytical Lagrangian optimization in the OAWDDS Protocol of the proportion of vulnerable machines compromised with the three constraints will ensure the following three criteria to be enforced: (A)stopping Worm attacks 100% of the time,(B)enabling 100% protection for a given system without knowing any of the signatures of the individual Worms and (C)maintaining 100% effectiveness without periodic updates like virus protection. These three criteria will assure critical government public and private infrastructure systems required to maintain the national and economic security of the U.S.
Keyword : Optimal Anti-Worm; Detection Defense Software;