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Caching Real-Time Optimal Strategy Visualization Interval (Protocol Development and Performance Analysis with Distributed Tactical Intrusion Detection)  
Carol Niznik1
Email : dr_carol_niznik@yahoo.com
Abstract .Distributed Tactical Intrusion Detection Protocol with the virtual data reduction capability via a caching virtual memory. The basic conceptual software principal is the overlay of the cache virtual memory on the six software algorithms comprising the Real Time Visualization Interval (RTVI) Protocol: (1) Real-Time, (2) Gray Scale and Binary Image Retrieval, (3)Risk Analysis for Edge Detection, (4) Risk Analysis for Image Detection, (5) Minimax Edge Detection for Image Reconstruction, and (6)Clustering. The cache virtual memory is implemented in the Chinese Checker geometric software structure(CCGSS) for the RTVI Protocol as sectors replacing the Chinese Checker marble locations within the six star facets and the center hexagonal structure. Within each of the algorithms, the cache structures are related to the storage required to process these algorithms. It is noted that the cluster algorithm utilizes a hexagonal structure for its placement as sections of the cluster. The six star facets of the CCGSS Protocol can be processed by the cache virtual memory in sequence to execute the surveillance of multiple source attack information realizing the Optimal Strategy Visualization Interval. The Optimal Strategy Visualization Interval is theoretically generated realizing the concept of the Invariant Imbedding of an Optimization theory equation as a kernel in another equation, here, the Games of Timing Optimal Strategy and Optimal Interval equation overlay contains the kernel that is the optimization equation of the six facets equation for the RTVI Protocol.
Keywords : Caching Real-Time Optimal Strategy; Protocol Development; Performance; Distributed Tactical Intrusion Detection
 URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.7321/jscse.v5.n7.1  

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