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Tactical Ballistic Missile(TBM) Composite Tracking Protocols For Single Integrated Air Picture(SIAP) Optimized Attributes Risk Constrained By Discrimination, Classification, Architecture And Data Registration, Army System Of Systems(ASoS)  
Carol Niznik1
Email : dr_carol_niznik@yahoo.com
Abstract .Alternative Composite Tracking Protocols for a Composite Track File will be achieved by the theoretical performance evaluation of two classes of software theory protocols on a Network Centric Topology. The Network Centric Topology for theoretical performance evaluation of the two classes of software theory protocols, Composite Network Centric Fractal/Graphic (CTNCF/G) Protocol and Composite Network Centric Holographic (CTNCH) Protocol, will be comprised of a STAR Topology with a Simulation Facility center, i.e. Army GIG through the CIA, and the multiple STAR facets comprised of gateway software linking the Simulation Facility and the Sensors. The optimization of the Single Integrated Air Picture(SIAP) Attributes with the following constraints, the Data Registration concepts, the Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense (AlAMO) System of Systems (SoS) architecture, discrimination and classification parameters will be reflected along with the perturbation sensitivity theory in the two theoretical software protocol classes representing solutions for the imaging Composite Track Files. The key technical risks and programmatic risks are developed for the composite tracking capability.
Keywords : Tactical Ballistic Missile; Composite Tracking Protocol; Attributes Risk;
 URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.7321/jscse.v5.n6.1  

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