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SPI Model’s and Software Review’s in Software Enterprises  
Nomi Baruah1
*1, Dibrugarh University, Email :
Abstract .The following work conducts a study about the results of a survey aimed at comprehending the relevance of the software reviews i.e. activities of aspects reviewed and frequency of reviews in software enterprises. The main purpose of this study was to research about the small scale and medium scale software enterprises. The procedure of research was conducted by preparing a questionnaire consisting of 21 software process improvement models. Besides, inorder to conduct the mentioned survey the following software enterprises were visited: FutureSoft, Delhi, Exilant Technologies Pvt Ltd,Bhubaneswar, Targus Technologies, Chandigarh SIQUES,Noida,GET,Guwahati, DZ Engineering,Pune, Verschaska Infotech Pvt. Ltd,Mumbai, Zaloni Technologies,Guwahati,Aris Global Software Pvt Ltd,Bangalore and Roma ThinkSoft Pvt. Ltd,Bangalore.It is noteworthy to mention here that the software reviews are applicable to software products throughout the software life cycle and is a vital step in requirement, designing, coding, testing and maintenance of engineering systems and software projects. Software review process area is used with the intent of locating software defects. It is a powerful process area to improve the quality of software product. The software review process area should be tailored by identifying as to which software work products are to be reviewed. Other areas to be observed in this regard are people involved in the review, select the appropriate review process by weighting the software work product’s scope, document review plan, schedule and types. Then the review schedule should be published during the project planning stage. The software review verifies the work product, satisfies the specifications found in any predecessor work product, identifies any deviation from standards and identifies improvement opportunities to the software developer.
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