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Estimating Acidity in Precipitation Using Sulphur Dioxide Satellite Imagery  

*1Narasimha Prasad L V, 2Naveen Dondapati, 3Prudhivi Kumar Reddy

1,2,3 Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad, India

Email: *1lvnprasad@yahoo.com, 2dondapati.naveen@ymail.com, 3science.future4u@gmail.com,


Abstract .Acid rain is a major regional scale environmental problem around the globe. To control acid rain pollution and to protect the ecological environment, it is a major need to identify the occurrence of acid rains. This paper presents a methodology for identifying the occurrence of acid rain using pH values calculated from normality by applying k-means clustering and haar wavelet transform on the satellite imagery of precipitation and SO2. If the computed pH value lies in the range of 1 ≤ pH ≤ 5, it is identified as acid rain. The results indicate that wind direction, wind speed, amount of rainfall, atmospheric pressure and concentration of SO2 show a considerable influence on the occurrence of acid rain.
Keywords : Acid rain ; Haar wavelet ; Image processing ; k-means clustering ; Normality ; Precipitation ; pH value
 URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.7321/jscse.v4.n3.2  

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