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A New Approach to Authentication Mechanism in IP Multimedia Subsys-tem  

Farzad Fekrazad

Department of Computer Eng., Islamic Azad University , Tehran Central , Iran 

E-mail: ffekrazad@gmail.com  

Abstract .Regarding integrity in infrastructure networks and implementing IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architec-ture, security has found considerable importance. IMS uses two signaling protocols named Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) and DIAMETER. In this paper we concentrate on SIP. Since SIP is an open source protocol and does one-sided authentication, it is vulnerable. In this paper we propose a Mutual authentication mechanism in SIP. In this approach, we eliminate the problems in HTTP Digest Authentication. This method protects the network against offline guess attack and man-in-middle replay attack. In our method we use 3 optional pa-rameters such as cnonce, qop and next-nonce (nc). After that, to have a reliable connection we authenticate server. In order to evaluate our method we compared it with 4 routing principals of Tsai, Yang, Durlanik and HTTP Digest. We did the comparison considering parameters such as overhead, decoding time, compilation time, call delay, answering time and detection time. Though, we have decreased them comparing to Tsai, Yang and Durlanik. We have improved call delay by 30% compared to Tsai and lessen answering time by 50% comparing to Yang and Durlanik. When considering attacks, we found number of successful attack has de-creased on average of 30% compared to all 4 methods.
Keywords : mutual authentication, IMS, SIP server, vulnerability
 URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.7321/jscse.v4.n2.1  

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