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An Introduction to Distributed Cryptography Based on Quantum Cryptography  


 *1Leila Pashaie Bonab, 2Jaber Karimpour, 3Mohamdali Jamali, 4Ayaz Isazadeh

1I.A.U., Shabestar Branch, Iran

2Department of Computer Sciences,University of Tabriz, Iran

3Asistant Professor of Computer group, I.A.U., Shabestar Branch, Iran

4 Department of Computer Science, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran. ,2, , 4 isazadeh@


Abstract .Cryptography is important part of a security plan system. So, if we have a secure cryptography in a system, we have an opportunely to have a secure system and make a system by stability of 99.9% on the network. In this paper we will review the Quantum Cryptography as base model in our idea and after that we’ll extend it for use on the network for distributed machine. Therefore we will show that cluster of machine which use distributed quantum machine, how it works base on our idea and how we can have a secure machine.
Keywords : Quantum Cryptography ; Security Systems ; Distributed Systems ; Cryptography

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