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Words ordering and corresponding verb-subject agreements in English-Arabic machine translation: Hybrid-based approach  
Mohammed Abu Shquier1,Omer Abu Shqeer2
*1, , Email :
2, Taibah University, Email :
Abstract .Recently Machine Translation (MT) has become a testing ground for many ideas in artificial intelligence (AI) as well as linguistics. Word ordering plays an important role in the translation process between languages. This research is attempting to examine the implications of using verb subject object (VSO) and subject verb object (SVO) words order on the agreement requirements in MT. Approach: The main objective of this research is to develop a hybrid-based MT (EA-HBMT) to improve the quality of MT from English to Arabic. transfer-based MT is used to obtain an intermediate representation that captures the “meaning” of the original sentence in order to generate the correct translation. example based-technique is used as well to handle the irregular cases. semantic analysis process is mainly conducted to detect the statements that require the use of SVO construction rather than VSO. Results: we have constructed an agreement and ordering tests suite; that has been used in testing different agreement and ordering features in four Arabic MT systems, they are, ALKAFI, GOOGLE and TARJIM SAKHR versus EA-HBMT. These examples have been used in exploring and evaluating the agreement and ordering problems throughout three experiments. In the first experiment we have classified the problems that cause that agreement and ordering into twelve and we compare between the four systems outputs with the original translation of the input text based on these twelve problems. In the second experiment we tested each statement separately, by comparing the particular on-line translation with the original human translation based on the number of the correct translated words in the target language. Conclusion: Based on the achieved results, we have managed to perform the Symantec analysis within Arabic source texts by using hybrid-based machine translation and also achieved reasonable improvements in translation quality over related approaches.
Keywords : Keyword : MT, EA-HBMT, Agreement, ordering,

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