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Design of an Encryption-Decryption Module Oriented for Internet Information Security SOC Design  

Yixin Liu, Haipeng Zhang, Tao Feng

 School of Electronics & Information, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hangzhou, China, 310018


Abstract .In order to protect the security of network data, a high speed chip module for encrypting and decrypting of network data packet is designed. The chip module is oriented for internet information security SOC (System on Chip) design. During the design process, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and 3DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption algorithm are adopted to protect the security of network data. The following points are focused: (1) The SOC (System on Chip) design methodology based on IP (Intellectual Property) core is used. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and 3DES (Data Encryption Standard) IP (Intellectual Property) cores are embedded in the chip module, peripheral control sub-modules are designed to control the encryption-decryption module, which is capable of shortening the design period of the chip module. (2) The implementation of encryption-decryption with hardware was presented, which improves the safety of data through the encryption-decryption chip and reduce the load of CPU. (3) In our hardware solution, two AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cores are used to work in parallel, which improves the speed of the encryption module. Moreover, the key length of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption algorithm is designed with three optional configurations at 128 bits, 256 bits and 192 bits respectively and six optional encryption algorithm modes: CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) mode, ECB (Electronic Code Book) mode, GCM (Galois/Counter Mode) mode, XTS(cipherteXT Stealing) mode, CTR (CounTeR) mode and 3DES respectively, which adds the flexibility to its applications.
Keywords : encryption-decryption module, IP core, SOC, 3DES, AES

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