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Proposing a Load Balancing Algorithm with the Help of an Endpoint Admission Control Algorithm to Improve Traffic Engineering  

* Zahra Vali1, Massoud Reza Hashemi2, Neda Moghim3

 1,2 Isfahan University of Technology, 3 + University of Isfahan,,

+ modified on Oct 9,2012

Abstract .The focus of this paper is to achieve a dynamic load balancing algorithm with the ability of guaranteeing the end-to-end quality of service (QoS) for a variety of service classes. The proposed algorithm consists of an explicit endpoint admission control (EEAC) mechanism, multiple path algorithm (MPA) as a multipath routing protocol and an adaptive load balancing algorithm. EEAC algorithm is composed of two phases: probing phase and data transfer phase. Information in the probing phase of EEAC algorithm such as buffer length and arrival traffic rate for each class of service is used to obtain a good estimation of network congestion state for efficient load balancing among multiple paths. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm increases the utilization of network resources and also decreases the end-to-end delay of each path.
Keywords : Multi-path Routing; Load Balancing; End-point Admission Control; QoS

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