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Modeling of a Memory Interface Using Modeling Language  
Akitoshi Matsuda1,Shinichi Baba2
*1, Kyushu University, Email :
2, Kyushu Embedded Forum, Email :
Abstract . In recent years, modeling languages have been widely used for algorithm development and verification in embedded system design methodologies. Such languages allow behavior descriptions or structure descriptions to be expressed in a specification that is defined by a consistent set of designers. It is expected that modeling language-based designs can reduce development times without sacrificing quality. This paper presents a case study of the design of a memory interface algorithm for peripheral memory circuits using a modeling language. The results of the case study demonstrate that the number of lines of source code of the modeling language-based design flow has been reduced by 86% and 78% compared to a traditional register transfer language (RTL) and the C language, respectively.
Keywords : modeling language; algorithm development; lines of source code

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