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Least Entropy-Like Approach for Reconstructing L-Shaped Surfaces Using a Rotating Array of Ultrasonic Sensors  

* Nicola Ivan Giannoccaro1, Giovanni Indiveri2, Luigi Spedicato3

 Department for Innovation Engineering, University of Salento, via per Monteroni, Lecce, Italy

{1ivan.giannoccaro,2luigi_spedicato, 3giovanni.indiveri},


Abstract .This paper introduces a new algorithm for accurately reconstructing two smooth orthogonal surfaces by processing ultrasonic data. The proposed technique is based on a preliminary analysis of a waveform energy indicator in order to classify the data as belonging to one of the two flat surfaces. The following minimization of a nonlinear cost function, inspired by the mathematical definition of Gibbs entropy, allows to estimate the plane parameters robustly with respect to the presence of outlying data. These outliers are mainly due to the effect of multiple reflections arising in the surfaces intersection region. The scanning system consists of four inexpensive ultrasonic sensors rotated by means of a precision servo digital motor in order to obtain distance measurements for each orientation. Experimental results are presented and compared with the classic Least Squares Method demonstrating the potentiality of the proposed approach in terms of precision and reliability.
Keywords : data processing; artificial intelligence software; surface-profile extraction; sonar signal processing

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