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Service Oriented Paradigm for Massive Multiplayer Online Games  
Farrukh Arslan1
*1, Purdue University, USA, Email :
Abstract .In recent times Massive Multiplayer Online Game has appeared as a computer game that enables hundreds of players from all parts of the world to interact in a game world (common platform) at the same time instance. Current architecture used for MMOGs based on the classic tightly coupled distributed system. While, MMOGs are getting more interactive same time number of interacting users is increasing, classic implementation architecture may raise scalability and interdependence issues. This requires a loosely coupled service oriented architecture to support evolution in MMOG application. Data flow architecture, Event driven architecture and client server architecture are basic date orchestration approaches used by any service oriented architecture. Real time service is hottest issue for service oriented architecture. The basic requirement of any real time service oriented architecture is to ensure the quality of service. In this paper we have proposed a service oriented architecture for massive multiplayer online game and a specific middleware (based on open source DDS) in MMOG’s for fulfilling real time constraints.
Keywords : MMOG ; RTSOA ; BPEL ; Middleware ; DDS

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