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Estimation of Power Losses on Radial Feeder Using Minimum Electrical Measurements and Differential Evolution Method  

 1Marinko Barukcic, 2* Srete Nikolovski, 3 Zeljko Hederi

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, J.J. Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia,,


Abstract .The topic of research in this paper is the determination of losses on a radial distribution feeder at a certain moment based on measurements of input complex power in the feeder and voltages in the farthest network node and power flow calculation. The presented method of DE used to find a virtual load of each node is based on the defined objective function. The value of the objective function using DE algorithm is obtained by calculation of power flow. The virtual load thus obtained is then used in the calculation of power flows on the basis of which total losses in a network are determined. The proposed method attempts to overcome the problems arising from the uncertainty of node loads in the network at some point in the evaluation of network losses. Evaluation of the proposed method was carried out by performing tests on the IEEE 123 node test feeder.
Keywords : Apparent power, Differential Evolution, Power Losses Estimation, Radial Feeder, Voltage.

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