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Security Implications of Distributed Database Management System Models  

 1* Dr.C.Sunil Kumar, 2J.Seetha, 3S.R.Vinotha

1,2,3Anna University, Chennai, India


Abstract .Wavelength assignment is a widely research object and especially in optical networks. The centralized algorithm has been proposed in this paper and there are two scenarios for our algorithm. The main effect and improvement in the algorithm is to save network capacity by decreasing network capacity after each wavelength assignment. The term network capacity and network capacity decreasing are well investigated and analyzed. There are also mathematical equations for them have been formed and created. By our knowledge, this is the first time the equations are created. The performance of our network is mainly depending on the perfect complete binary, ternary and quaternary. The idea is rare investigated in perfect complete network, while the other works usually study random networks. The work in this paper is concentrated on centralized algorithm wherever the future work will compare the distributed algorithms also. The research is found the blocking probability, capacity decreasing and the time delay for different networks and compared with different algorithms. The results show the clear improvement in our algorithm. These algorithms are suitable for using in passive optical networks, because we did not use any active devices in our scenarios.
Keywords : wavelength allocation, capacity decreasing, binary and ternary trees, passive optical network, centralized technology

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