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An overview to Software Architecture in Intrusion Detection System  

* Mehdi Bahrami1, Mohammad Bahrami2
Department of Computer Engineering, I.A.U., Booshehr Branch, Iran

Abstract .Today by growing network systems, security is a key feature of each network infrastructure. Network Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) provide defense model for all security threats which are harmful to any network. The IDS could detect and block attack-related network traffic. The network control is a complex model. Implementation of an IDS could make delay in the network. Several software-based network intrusion detection systems are developed. However, the model has a problem with high speed traffic. This paper reviews of many type of software architecture in intrusion detection systems and describes the design and implementation of a high-performance network intrusion detection system that combines the use of software-based network intrusion detection sensors and a network processor board. The network processor which is a hardware-based model could acts as a customized load balancing splitter. This model cooperates with a set of modified content-based network intrusion detection sensors rather than IDS in processing network traffic and controls the high-speed.
Keywords : Intrusion Detection systems; Software Architecture; IDS; Network

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